Network-Based Decision Making Software

About Us

About the Company

Datacrag Limited is a startup company that was founded in Hong Kong in July 2016 with the purpose to design and develop a Multi-Node Network Based Decision Making Software that is based on the innovative approach of Business Artificial Intelligence. The approach combines the user control of an operational system with the concept of classic Business Intelligence and the consistent performance of Artificial Intelligence.

The company started its incubation at the Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP) in April 2017 and was selected for joining the 3 years’ Incu-Tech program.

About the Team

We are an international team of 8 people having 8 different nationalities with extensive industry experience in the operations and supply chain functions.

We have different backgrounds and very different personalities. And for this reason, we decided to put our knowledge and resources together to create an innovative software that is going to significantly simplify the decision making process within corporations.

Contact Us

If you wish to get more details about the software and the current R&D progress, feel free to contact us per email at