Generic Decision Network

One Nework

Each partner, business unit, store, warehouse, supplier etc. is a node in the Datacrag network.

Full Transparency

Everytime the data underlying a node gets updated, the subsequent nodes are recalculated to make problems visible as early as they occur.

No Information Lead-Time

Because the network is always up-to-date, decisions can be made across the entire supply chain without having to wait for the information to be confirmed.

Decision Network

How it Works

Datacrag is a library of generic building blocks that are assembled to match a specific business process. The blocks represent the functions and actions to be performed, such as data validation, multi-level planning, intelligent searching, user management, etc.

We take out the complexity of traditional software, and use AI models for workflow automation and analytics.

Business Process
Process Analysis

Our team gets a detailed understanding of your business processes through workshops, interviews and reverse engineering.

Building Block Library
Building Block Selection

We prepare the specifications and recommend the building blocks needed for covering your business process from start to end.

Building Block Assembling

The selected building blocks are assembled to create the final application or business decision environment.

Workflow Blocks
UX Blocks
AI Blocks
Single Source of Truth
Avoid having the same data maintained in local spreadsheets and in a system in a non-synchronized way.
Measurable ROI
Drive business results such as higher sales, lower inventory and reduced cost through fast, accurate and timely decision making.
Eliminate manual work and human mistakes, and let the teams focus on important tasks.


Examples on how we apply our building blocks to solve real business problems in the supply chain industry.

No matter whether your business process needs the features of a BI application, ERP system, demand and capacity planning system, vendor allocation system or mechandize planning tool, Datacrag is one application that can be deployed in just a few weeks.

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We are a team of 8 people having 8 different nationalities with extensive industry experience in the operations and supply chain functions. We have different backgrounds and very different personalities. And for this reason, we decided to put our knowledge and resources together to create an innovative software that is going to significantly simplify the decision making process within corporations.

Founder & CEO

Belgian Fry


Co-Founder & CFO

Singaporean Merlion


Co-Founder & COO

Chinese Panda


Data Scientist

French Baguette


Data Scientist

Hong Kongese Robot


Senior Software Engineer

Canadian Moose


    Co-Founder & Adviser

    Austrian Marmot


    Co-Founder & Adviser

    German Eagle


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