Hong Kong Science Park

After a competitive application process, we received confirmation on December 8th 2016 that Datacrag Limited got sponsored for the 3 years’ Incu-Tech program of the Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP).

We believe that the ecosystem of entrepreneurship provided by HKSTP is the right environment for us to complete the development of the software and to obtain the support needed during the early stage of the company.

HKSTP is a non-profit statutory body set up by the Hong Kong Government in 2001, involved in technology innovation in focused clusters (green technology, electronics, biotechnology, precision engineering, and IT & telecommunications). HKSTP nurtures and helps the science and technology companies under its care to accelerate their growth, innovate and pioneer ground-breaking ideas, by offering them both state-of-the-art facilities as well as value-added services. These range from R&D offices, infrastructure, market-led laboratories, and technical centres with professional support services.

More details about HKSTP are available at the official website.

About the Incu-Tech Program

We officially joined the Incu-Tech program and relocate our office to HKSTP in April 2017.

The HKSTP website gives a good description of the goal of the Incu-Tech program:

As the startup boom continues to sweep the world, more than 50% of these innovative companies are tech related.

Technology will continue to change our lives and the way we see the world, at an exponential rate.

Technology is also one of the key industries that will lead Hong Kong onto the road to re-industrialisation.

Incubatees in HKSTP’s Incu-Tech 3-year programme are hand-picked for their extremely high-potential for success. Every one of these highly competitive and driven individuals want to achieve one simple goal — to change the world.

More details about HKSTP are available under following link: https://www.hkstp.org/hkstp_web/en/what-we-do/nurture-technology-talents/incubation-programme/Incu-Tech