When you hear about innovation in the supply chain, you typically get the over-hyped news about logistics robots, self-driving trucks or flying drones that will soon be delivering our e-commerce packages.

In Asia, supply chain leaders have however a much more pragmatic view on innovation. They care more about they can improve the efficiency of their supply chain or logistics operations and ultimately optimize their flows, costs and service level to their customers.

At this event, forward thinking companies shared best practices and lessons learned from driving innovations in their operations and as they embrace the disruption in their supply chains to drive increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in Hong Kong, Greater China and all around Asia.


Topics and speakers include:

  • Blockchain Application in Vessel Ownership by Capt. Jonathan Foong, CEO, Marine Chain
  • Blockchain ICOs in the Supply Chain Industry by Nicolas de Loisy, President, SCMO
  • Towards Supply Chain Sustainability by Dr. Shelley Zhou, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation
  • Digital Disruption across the Supply Chain by Mark Millar, Author of Global Supply Chain Ecosystems
  • Returns in eCommerce – The Biggest Operational Challenge for Retailers in the 21st Century by Pieter Paul Wittgen, CEO & Co-Founder, Olasso
  • Applying Blockchain in Supply Chains in a Scalable Way by Žiga Drev, Co-founder & COO, OriginTrail
  • Automating the Sourcing Process with Artificial Intelligence by Florian Gamper, Founder, Datacrag Ltd.
  • Evolution of Supply Chain with AI by Pablo Tachil, Director IT, UST Global Inc.

The full event details are described on the official GSCC website.