Datacrag participated in the Hackathon organized by A.S. Watson Group, the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer.

We created a fully working Python web application that uses a hierarchical clustering model, an association rule learning model and a time series regression model to optimize the assortment planning process while bringing the user in the loop.

This was a 2-day event for data scientists, software engineers, business users and designers to compete against each other to conceive, build and fully utilize the power of machine learning to derive from Gigabytes of real life data and construct a viable prototype with the potential to change the retail industry.

The anonymized  datasets available were from the retail industry including product transactions, customer loyalty data, store data, purchase behavior and historical patterns from A.S. Watson’s sales with the goal to create innovative solution that the company could apply to different branches of their business.

The event video is available on YouTube and more details about the event are available on the official event website.